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The Future Is Repairable And We Are The Tool

About us

Bales of clothing for recycling
Have you heard of extended producer responsibility?
EU regulations are due 2025

For a long time, we thought we could make the difference by adding 'eco' to our labels or add 10% of recycled fibers to garments.

Now we know that 80% of the garment footprint comes from production, and that the process of recycling is harmful and resource intensive, and is our very last resort.

We must act accordingly. We must prolong product lifetime. When we double the lifetime, we cut the footprint down by 49%. Mistra Future FashionExternal Link

What Repairable Order Maintenance System (ROMS) can do

We know - you have your local repairer around the corner.

We do not replace them, but we include them and allow the maintenance service to scale and the product lifetime to extend.

Denim jeans
Did you know that we really don't need to produce another garment in the next 50 years?

This is how...

For claims
  • More predictable repair service, discrete and solid
  • Better cost control with fixed price and monthly invoice
  • Reduced follow up and better time management
  • Digital tracking
  • Automatic notification to customer
  • Reduce waste, reduce footprint
For customer paid repairs
  • Reduced cost with claims guide indicating what is and isn't claimable
  • Sell repairs and adjustments to customers with a kick back
  • Scale your after-sales service by offering repair and adjustments at cash point
  • Prolong customer relationship: keep them coming back
  • Reduce waste, reduce footprint
Close up of red woolen garment
Did you know that 80% of a garment footprint is from production

What you can do with a Maintenance Order Management System (MOMS)

  • Communicate and build a stronger brand by telling the story of products worth repairing
  • Prolong customer relationship
  • Prolong product lifetime
  • Reduce waste
  • Take a responsible position
  • Add statistics to your sustainability reports
  • Get input for product development
  • Learn more about the lifecycle of your products and usage
  • Have direct access to washing and repair to introduce rent and resell
  • Cut costs on complaints and returns
  • Introduce new revenue from kick back

Brands Offering Repair

Satin sheets
Did you know that there is more than 20 new garments produced every year for every one of us walking the planet.

If you offer repair services in any shape or form to your customers, consider yourself part of the community. Maybe you are using repairable.no, maybe not.

We aim to tell consumers about the good job you are doing. If you want to help build the community and spread the word, please let us know what you do.

We can share communication materials that lets you tell the story to your customers and benefit from the community.

Our Memberships


We get you and a certified repairer (either recommended by us or from your choice) set up on the repairable.no platform so that you and your customer can order maintenance.

We then organize all maintenance and customer service linked to repairs, adjustments and cleaning in a co-branded facing

Integrated members:

Our technology can soon be integrated in your e-commerce business and your digital platforms or apps. This means that you can own this service under your own brand, through an API.

We support your own branding as a plug and play solution. For more information, get in contact here.

Linen shirts hanging on a rack
"Repair feels like solving both economical, social and environmental problems all at once"
- Lene Elizabeth Hodge

The future is repairable, and we are the tool.

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Certified Repairstaff

Repairable Certified Repairer logo

To become a Repairable certified repairer, there are several criterias:

  • All staff have relevant contracts
  • At least 1 has completed the craftsmanship degree*
  • Staffing lists can be provided upon request
  • There is a HMS plan that is annually revised
  • Only quality materials and spare parts are used
  • Demonstration of discrete and solid repairs

Membership Consumers

Through buying our reclosable and reusable REPAIRABLE- bag for 899,- NOK, you get 10% discount on all repairs for life.BUY NOW AT REPAIRABLE.NO

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The Team

Ingvill Kerob
Ingvill Kerob
CEO and Founder
Christian N. Iversen
Christian N. Iversen
Elin Carlsen
Elin Carlsen
Claire Dennington
Claire Dennington
Service Designer & Partner

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